ACM SIGMM Rising Star Award 2021

The winner of the SIGMM Rising Star for 2021 is Dr. Jingkuan Song for his significant contributions in Multimedia Compact Representation and Analysis.

Dr Jingkuan Song is Professor with University of Electronic Science and Technology of China (UESTC). He obtained his PhD degree in 2014 from The University of Queensland, Australia. He joined University of Trento as a Research Fellow (2014-2016) and Columbia University as a Postdoc Research Scientist (2016-2017).

His research interest includes large-scale multimedia retrieval, image/video segmentation and image/video understanding using hashing, graph learning and deep learning techniques. He was the winner of the best paper award in ICPR (2016, Mexico), best student paper award in Australian Database Conference (2017, Australia), and Best Paper Honorable Mention Award (2017, Japan). His recent research ranges from large-scale multimedia retrieval and image/video segmentation to image/video annotation using hashing, graph learning and deep learning techniques. His recent approach to social computing and social-aware systems reveals a systematic analysis that covers all important aspects ranging from small-scale face-to-face interactions to large scale abnormal event detection.

In the past few years, after a period spent in US at the Columbia University, he has returned to China and is the winner of the ACM China SIGMM Rising Star Award in 2019. He has been an area chair of ACM Multimedia for the past 4 years. He has grown exponentially in the past few years making him indeed one of the prominent young researchers in the multimedia community.

Many Congratulations to Jingkuan!

Phoebe Chen
SIGMM Vice-Chair
On Behalf of SIGMM Rising Star Award Committee